Can I Sell My Watch to a Jeweller?

When looking to sell watches Perth, owners must ensure they find a suitable buyer – this can be challenging as prospective purchasers could potentially misrepresent or damage it, further decreasing its value.

Sellers should select a watch buyer with an excellent reputation who specializes in luxury watches such as:


Jewellers provide the best value for pre-owned jewellery because of their expertise in this field and reputable business model. Additionally, they will pay more for items that have been properly cared for and remain in great condition.

Utilizing your local jeweller or pawnbroker is an efficient, straightforward solution for selling watches. They will provide an on-the-spot evaluation and an accurate quote for your timepiece.

As an alternative, you could sell your watch online through an auction site or reseller, although in-person meetings will help to ensure you are dealing with honest buyers who won’t engage in fraudulent activities and make transactions safer and faster. Unfortunately, using online sellers does not ensure an instant sale – sometimes taking months before receiving payment – making this situation especially distressful when selling high-end luxury watches that often fetch high values.

Pawn shops

Pawn shops specialize in taking items as collateral for loans, including watches. Since these establishments tend to focus on resale value and condition, it is essential that your watch be in excellent shape with no serious cosmetic flaws.

Depending on the materials in your watch, it could be worthwhile taking it to a jewellery store for an evaluation quote. Certain stores specialize in certain items while being up-to-date with current prices for precious metals like gold and diamonds.

Remember that pawnbrokers are masters at haggling, often offering less than its true worth. Do some research to ascertain an approximate price, and gather any articles of authenticity such as boxes and papers you might possess – this will make the item more desirable to buyers, who may also pay more as they want a quick sale but won’t get as much by selling a broken watch?

Online sales boards and forums

At first glance, online auction sites and watch buying/selling forums may seem risky; however, they can actually be an excellent way to sell a watch. When selling high-value items it’s always wiser to seek professional appraisal for an accurate valuation; small differences can easily devalue an item even with an established seller profile.

Online forum or site watch sales offer many advantages over local jeweller or watch shop sales, with almost immediate payment upon sale of your watch. This option makes sense for sellers looking for fast cash.

Pawnshops should only ever be considered as an option when selling watches; most employees at these establishments are untrained in identifying watches, and will often offer lowball prices in order to increase profits. Before selling to a pawnshop, be sure to conduct extensive research and seek professional valuation.

Jewellery retailers

Jewellery stores will employ professional buyers who can assess your watch for its resale value and market trends, inspect its condition, and assess its brand Philippe or IWC usually.

Selling your luxury watch at auction may also yield a competitive sale price; this option takes longer, however.

When looking to sell your watch, there are several options available to you. One option is to sell it to a jeweller. Jewellers have expertise in luxury watches and can provide a fair evaluation and quote for your timepiece. They value items that have been well cared for and are in great condition, so ensuring your watch is in excellent shape will help maximize its value.

Another option is to sell your watch online through auction sites or resellers. While this can be convenient, it’s important to exercise caution and verify the reputation of the buyers to avoid fraudulent activities. Online sales may take longer to secure a buyer and receive payment, especially for high-end luxury watches.

Pawn shops are another avenue to consider. They specialize in taking items as collateral for loans, including watches. However, pawnbrokers are skilled at haggling and may offer less than the true worth of your watch. Conducting research and gathering any authenticity documents can help increase its desirability and potentially fetch a higher price.


Make sure you weigh all your options carefully when considering using your watch as collateral for a personal loan, and take time to research all potential outcomes before making your final decision. Ideally, this will enable you to receive the highest sale price for your timepiece.

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