Smile Brighter With Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires a bright smile that lights up a dull room, but tooth discoloration may hinder such a goal. Teeth whitening allows you to achieve a dazzling smile within one treatment session and without downtime. Before the treatment, Dr. Divian Patel will examine your mouth to ensure you’re eligible for the procedure. He may then discuss the available teeth whitening options, including take-home whitening trays and in-office teeth whitening. Below are the benefit of teeth whitening:

Better first impressions

Bright pearly whites might be what you need to create a great first impression, especially during an interview or in social gatherings. People will judge your level of success, intelligence, and personality depending on your appearance. A bright, healthy smile exudes confidence and good health, crucial for a good first impression. Studies show that a bright smile makes you appear friendly, attractive, and approachable. Teeth whitening can help you achieve the brightest smile to help you ace your interviews and leave a lasting impression in social gatherings.


Teeth-whitening is a non-surgical procedure that involves applying special whitening products on your teeth to disintegrate the stains or your enamel, brightening your teeth up to several shades lighter. The procedure is painless, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after leaving the facility. Unlike surgical treatments like dental implants, teeth whitening has no downtime and no recovery period, making it the ideal way to achieve a brighter and aesthetically-pleasing smile. It allows you to achieve your smile goals without undergoing complex dental procedures. San Ramon Dental Excellence also gives you a choice between in-office power whitening and take-home whitening trays, depending on your schedule and how first you want the results.

Improved oral hygiene

After a teeth whitening session, you will be motivated to practice good oral hygiene to maintain the results. You will floss and brush daily and avoid colored foods and drinks, which can prevent gum disease and maintain teeth whitening results. Also, removing enamel stains makes it easier to spot and remove plaque between your teeth and beneath your gums. Good oral hygiene also gives fresh breath, enabling you to flash your pearly whites confidently.

Reduced appearance of wrinkles

Stained or discolored teeth can make the wrinkles around your mouth appear prominent. Teeth whitening improves the appearance of your teeth, shifting attention away from your smile lines and creating a youthful and vibrant appearance.


Dr. Patel uses FDA-approved bleaching products to prevent any severe side effects. He also uses gentle techniques to minimize gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products that can damage your enamel, professional teeth whitening uses bleaching products in moderation, reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, your provider will use protective appliances to shield your gums from the chemicals, ensuring flawless results.


Teeth whitening is more cost-efficient than dental treatments like crowns and veneers. Additionally, this treatment only requires one session to achieve noticeable results and can last six months or more with good oral hygiene. The reduced dental visits significantly reduce your expenses.

If you desire a bright, attractive smile, call Dr. Patel or book an appointment online for teeth whitening.

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