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What is the “warm” installation of plastic windows

The process of choosing plastic windows usually takes a long time, as it is necessary to determine their manufacturer, type of profile, size and shape, as well as equipment. But for some reason, the choice of the company that will undertake the installation of structures is taken less seriously. Installing windows yourself, entrusting such work to organizations with a dubious reputation or saving on professional installation is a huge risk. The structure will fully perform its functions only if it is installed correctly.

Multi-layer or “warm” installation of PVC windows is necessary to ensure high performance of heat, sound, water and vapor insulation of the window block. The process is regulated by DSTU and obeys the principle that “it is more airtight from the inside than from the outside”.

What does the “warm” installation of windows mean?

The effectiveness of “warm” installation is ensured by complete sealing of the seams and places where the frame adjoins the window opening. This place is the most vulnerable in the entire system. Immediately after the completed work, it is difficult to detect errors and defects, but very soon they will become noticeable, especially noticeable in the cold season.

Installation joints cannot fully perform the function of insulation if the installation was performed incorrectly, inaccurately or does not comply with DSTU. As a result, we have several unpleasant moments:

  • the heat losses of the room increase, and together with them, the heating costs;
  • “bridges of cold” are felt in problem areas of the structure;
  • fungus appears on slopes and directly on the frame;
  • joints freeze in winter;
  • there are regular drafts in the room;
  • condensation forms on the double-glazed windows.

You can contact the company that installs plastic windows with a claim. But it is rarely possible to eliminate the problem in such a way as to avoid additional costs. Therefore, it is important to entrust “warm” installation to professionals and it is desirable to control this process at every stage.

How does the “warm” installation of windows differ from ordinary ones

The peculiarity of “warm” installation consists of three layers of insulation between the window box and the hole in the wall, which is why the method is called a multilayer.

  • The inner layer protects the room from heat loss, and prevents steam and moisture from entering the structure.
  • Medium also provides the function of heat preservation and sound insulation.
  • The outer layer acts as a protective element against the negative effects of weather factors – wind and precipitation. At the same time, it ensures the removal of moisture from the room to the street.

This method ensures the absolute tightness of the window module, but at the same time does not prevent air circulation as needed to ventilate the room. On the contrary, the multi-layered method of installing sacramento anlin windows supports a healthy microclimate in the room, preventing the appearance of fungus and freezing in the winter.

How to perform “warm” window installation

Installation of plastic windows, according to the technology of “warm” installation, involves not only a more time-consuming process. It will take more time and material investment, because for this it is necessary to purchase additional materials, in particular, self-expanding, waterproofing and vapor barrier tapes.

In general, there are more stages in such an assembly than in a normal one.

  • As a material for the inner layer, a special vapor barrier tape is used, which will provide moisture and vapor barrier for the middle layer.
  • The space between the wall and the frame is filled with mounting foam – it additionally fixes the box, prevents the penetration of external noise and loss of thermal energy.
  • The outer joint is insulated with waterproof tape. It reliably protects the layer of mounting foam from wind and precipitation, but at the same time does not prevent steam and moisture from escaping from the structure to the street.

Thus, the mounting foam is insulated from the inside and outside. Thanks to the protective layers, moisture does not accumulate on it, which has a destructive effect on this material.

Advantages of the “warm” method of installing windows

Considering “warm” installation as a time-consuming and expensive process, it is also worth understanding that in the long run it will still bring material benefits to the owner of these windows in the form of a reduction in heating costs.

The multi-layered method of installing window structures increases their service life due to the following advantages:

  • protection of materials filling the gaps between the frame and the wall from moisture that penetrates both from the inside and from the outside;
  • prevention of freezing of seams in the cold season;
  • additional fixation of the box in the window opening;
  • insulating layers together make the assembly seam stronger and more resistant to deformation from temperature changes and humidity;
  • preventing the appearance of mold on the window unit and slopes;
  • maintaining an optimal indoor microclimate.

The advantage of this technology also lies in the possibility of using any building material.

This is permissible due to the compatibility of substances for seams with all types of materials used today. This type of work can be done at any time of the year. If the usual installation of windows on a frosty day is impossible due to the physical properties of the mounting foam, then it can be done in a “warm” way even in severe frosts. Thanks to special heat-resistant materials, the temperature range for “warm” installation allows -10˚С and below.

Metal-plastic windows from profile systems of high quality manufactured by VIKNALAND, combined with professional “warm” installation, will serve for many years. Perhaps, this is the best investment when arranging a living space.

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