When you plan to make repairs to your home (apartment, house, cottage), immediately decide on your wishes and possibilities. When making repairs “on conscience, for yourself”, do not miss the moment of replacing the wiring. And the main thing here is not to make a mistake with the choice of an electrician! Because calling the electricians of a construction company will cost you one and a half to two times more, and they may have fewer skills and work experience than others.

How to be? First of all, ask how long these people have been doing their work, and ask them to show you photos of their work (every self-respecting professional has photos of their creations).

Ask if they know the Norms and Rules of installation, and if they are familiar with the book SNiP (building norms and rules). Will the new wiring meet the requirements of fire safety regulations? Naturally, they will give you the answer: “The fire inspection will not come to you, it is private property.” But this is your safety and the safety of your home. Therefore, everything must be done by the norms and rules in force!

Each customer should know some points himself so that he can accept the work and competently dispute the discrepancies. For example, elementary standards:

– electricity metering device (electricity meters) – its panel should be at a height of 1.7 m from the floor level, error of 5 cm;

– all wire connections (from sockets, switches, chandeliers, sconces, etc.) must converge in the distribution (soldering) box, and there must be soldered by one of the methods (hot soldering or tin soldering). Some installers connect the wires in the wall or under the mechanism of the outlet (switch), this is, of course, a little more aesthetic, but it is extremely WRONG!

– Distribution (soldering) boxes should not be located in the suspended ceiling or tightly plastered – they should be accessible for maintenance;

– All wires and cables embedded in the walls must be solid, i.e. there should be no twists or splices along their length – this is unacceptable!

– And, of course, you will ask about the guarantee – a professional who considers the number of consumers and correctly calculates the power grid, having done everything correctly, will give you a guarantee of at least 5-7 years for at least his work. And if there are holes somewhere, he will start evading warranty obligations.

It is not at all necessary to be able to do everything yourself, but it is necessary to have clear ideas about what the electrician you hired should do in the apartment when repairing the wiring! This will help save not only your nerves and money, but, quite possibly, will become a guarantee of your safety and your home’s fire safety.

How to choose a good performer?

  1. Any work must be done sober

A good specialist should not be drunk or with a hangover. As soon as you noticed your workers that they drink, there is a persistent smell of smoke, then refuse them as soon as possible, since a good specialist always works with a clear memory. Remember that there should always be a sober relationship between the customer and the workers.

  1. First, the specialist must assess the scale of the work

If the specialist tries to agree on the price with you first, feel free to turn around and walk away from him. For him, you are primarily a money bag, and this performer will not do quality work. A good specialist first assesses the scope of work, agrees on everything with the customer, and only then indicates the final cost.

  1. A good specialist must-have tools

Also, a very important point: every self-respecting specialist should have a good set of tools, he should not go around and ask you for a screwdriver or a tester. You don’t call a taxi driver who doesn’t have one to take you to the station, do you? Well, it’s the same here, the tool should always be there!

  1. A good specialist always looks neat

Pay attention to the neat appearance of the employee. It’s not for nothing that there is a saying that people are met by their clothes. I also want to note that the work of a sloppy craftsman can be done so-so (this often happens), so this is also an important part.

  1. The guarantee is provided only by good specialists

A good specialist is always confident in the quality of his work, therefore, as a rule, a guarantee is given for an average of one year. I am well aware that there are now a large number of electricians in sacramento for whom it is important to turn everything on, get money and run away, but how it will work – they do not care. Yes, it’s a bad trend, but it exists and I notice it regularly.

  1. Choose professionals

New buildings are frequented by guests of our homeland who come to our country to earn money. As a rule, these are jack-of-all-trades, but as a result, the quality of the repair will be at a low level. Of course, there is also a plus, you will save money at the initial stage, however, you will quickly spend all the savings on repairs and even have to spend more than planned.

So we figured out how to find a good master for yourself, and I also want to add that try to make purchases yourself if possible (according to the specification) or strictly control, since I know of many cases when an electrician for an object purchases products for at some prices, and asks to write a check at other, higher prices, thus robbing you.

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