Sharing points with Spain, Germany hopes to pass the group stage, that’s Vn88cx’s opinion

The Vn88 prort day newspaper said: The 1-1 draw with Spain helps Germany still have the opportunity to continue in the final round of Group E World Cup 2022.

Japan’s defeat to Costa Rica in the early match rekindled the hope for Germany to continue in the group of death for the World Cup 2022. In the case of losing to Spain, the chance to be in the 1/8 round is still there. However, coach Hansi Flick wants to beat Spain to win the right to self-determination in the decisive series. newspaper said this is the reason Germany plays with an attacking formation.

Spain controlled the ball better in the first half of the first half with 75% of the time, pushing Germany into a difficult defensive position. Coach Luis Enrique’s team attacked aggressively and soon made the opponent’s goal wobble.

In the 7th minute, Pedri hit Gavi and then passed it to Ferran Torres. After a controlling span, Ferran trimmed the ball for Dani Olmo at the edge of the 16m50 round. Olmo turned the ball and shot from long distance, causing goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to push the ball over the crossbar to save Germany. In the 25th minute, this player narrowly missed the post of the German goalkeeper.

After 3 “missing” phases, the German team tightened their squad tactics, creating a tug-of-war with Spain. But it wasn’t until the 50th minute that “Tank” had a chance. In the situation of the German team’s free kick, the Rudiger player suddenly went up to head the goal of goalkeeper Simon. Vn88cx added that VAR technology determined that Rudiger player was offside because he moved half his body earlier than the opponent’s last defender.

Entering the second half, Germany still maintained the same way of kicking as in the first half, while Spain persisted in deploying the attack. In the 60th minute, Simon’s player had a bad pass to Pedri, while this young midfielder was locked on the wing. The hearse took the ball and quickly organized the attack, but Joshuan Kimmich’s shot close to the goal line did not make it difficult for goalkeeper Simon .

The German team paid the price for this extravagance. In the 65th minute, player AB broke the offside trap on the left wing, then made a cross for Alvaro Morata to cut before a delicate finish to beat goalkeeper Neuer. This is Morata’s second goal at the 2022 World Cup, both of which were scored when the No. 7 striker came on from the bench.

Germany rushed to attack the rest of the time. Coach Hansi Flick told Vn88cx that he wanted to hold on to hope with 3 change rights named Lukas Klostermann, Niclas Fullkrug and Leroy Sane. Germany played better in attack and created chances to score.

In the 74th minute, Sane cut the ball from the edge to the center and poked a gap for Musiala to escape to face Simon, but the young Bayern Munich striker could not beat the Spanish goalkeeper with a lack of sophistication. Before that, Musiala broke through on the right wing and stretched for Fullkrug to finish, but midfielder Rodri saved it in time.

The pressure of the German team was broken with an equalizer after 85 minutes. Sane once again cleverly poked a slot for Musiala to catch the ball. Player 14 was unable to control the opponent’s pass, but Fullkrugh got the ball and quickly shot with his right foot into the net of goalkeeper Simon, leveling the score for Germany.

Quoting from Vn88 sport, 1 point getting before Spain does not help Germany get out of the last position, but the door to the next move has been slightly opened. If Germany wins Costa Rica in the final match and Spain defeats Japan, Flick’s teachers and students will be present in the 1/8 round. In the event that Spain draws with Japan, Germany needs to win with a difference of 2 goals or more.

Recently, in an online exchange with fans in Qatar, Luis Enrique was asked difficult: “What do you think if Ferran celebrates the goal in a way of ‘sucking his hand’ or ‘stuffing the ball in the stomach’ (referring to the upcoming match). be a father) at this year’s World Cup?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the former Barcelona coach replied to “I will eliminate him immediately! Withdraw from the field. Toss in the stands. Anything so that I don’t have to see him anymore. He considers it over. chance to recruit if still under me!”

It sounds harsh but this is just a cheerful reply from Enrique. It is Ferran Torres who is in his favor. At the beginning of the year in the UEFA Nations League, the Spain captain also said: “Every time I see Ferran not starting, I keep getting nagged by my daughter.”

Spain is comfortable before an important match against Germany tonight. The draw result is also acceptable for Luis Enrique’s army when their opponent has reached the “deadline”.

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