Paint Like A Pro DIY Liberal Arts At Home:

All of us have some artistic talent hidden inside us. Trying different arts at home can be very fun. People all over the world have been sitting home since 2020 due to covid 19. At this time, many of us were able to explore our artistic hobbies. Painting is enjoyable, and we can bring our imagination into reality using artwork. We can paint our rooms or on canvas or do different types of crafts ourselves, which is a good pastime.

Painting our room: We all want to decorate our room like our dream room. When we look at the room walls, it should look as if we are in our dreamland. Painting our room is very fun, and we can paint different kinds of stuff in our room without hiring other painters. When we paint, we can bring our minds into the paint. There are some easy techniques to paint our room which will give our room a beautiful interior.

To paint the walls of our room, we must first decide what type of look we want to give to our room. We should plan carefully and write down everything we wish to do. After we are done planning, we must write all the things that are needed. The list must include paintbrushes, the colors we will do, paint roller, sandpaper, etc.

After we are done buying all the necessary stuff, we should start executing our plan. To paint our walls, we should make sure the walls are clean. We should remove all the furniture and then cover the switches to clean the walls using soap solution. If the walls are not clean, the colors will not form a delicate layer.

We have to mix the color to make the color we want to paint our room. Some decorative paint techniques are:

1)Taped: We can use tapes to create sophisticated stripes or geometric designs on our walls. We will have to stick tapes at the points we don’t want to color. Then in the remaining places, we can splash our favorite colors. Once the stain dries, we can remove the tape and have an artistic wall full of paints.

2)Colour Wash: If we want a simple, soothing wall within a low budget, we can try color wash which requires only a tiny amount of paint. We will have to apply the color on the wall and then use the cross-hatch technique by extending our arms. We will have to apply only a tiny amount of color and spread it on the walls.

3)Sponging: If we are scared to paint, we can try sponging. In sponging, we just have to spread colors on the walls using a sponge. We will have to take a sponge which is easier for us to hold. Then we’ll have to wash the sponge and drench it in colors. Once the sponge is absorbed with stains, we will have to keep the sponge on the walls at different positions and repeat it until we are coloring the entire wall. The pattern on a sponge will create an exclusive design that will make our room look more royal.

4)Metallic Paint: We can try painting using metallic colors if we want a golden and shimmery look on our room wall. These metallic colors are readily available, and we will just have to buy them and apply them to our walls. If we want something more exclusive, we can even add glitters on the wall to give them a more sparkling look.

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