DIY Fashionable Items, You Can Make It Home

If you want to be a fashionista without a fashion degree but a mind full of creativity, then there’s no shame to try out DIY hacks to create a fashion statement of your own. Try to alter a tedious piece of accessories on a boring weekend to spice up your sluggish wardrobe. Here are some of the most interesting DIY project ideas which you couldn’t have guessed earlier that can help you to alter your dull T-shirts or clothes beautifully enough to make you be called an amateur fashionista.

Embellished Collar

If you tend to have a boring plain shirt or a ruined shirt, you can design the collar part and alter it by sewing and attaching gems, pearls, or lace. This designed detachable collar is called Embellished collars. A knitted collar can also be called an Embellished collar. It is super chic and is very trendy during winter days with a jumper. You can find various videos on YouTube showing how to make one.

Fringe Top Tank

You can alter your most tedious and plain tank tops into something trendier and more stylish. It can be possible by cutting horizontal stripes up to the neckline on the backside of the tank top. Tie the fringes and give a knot to secure it. You can add some jewels before knotting the fringes. You can leave the top like a tank top by cutting the stripes till mid-length instead of cutting it up to the neckline.

Painted Denim

This is the most fun DIY alteration and can be tried by many. All you need is a pair of denim shorts or jacket and acrylic paint, chalk, and paintbrushes. Firstly, outline the design using chalk, then the acrylic paints need to be mixed with a textile medium. Because acrylic paints are turned into washable fabric paints with the help of a Textile medium, this is crucial to prevent your color from fading or mixing with other clothes when washed. After you are done designing and painting your shorts, let them dry for a night and then heat them with an iron before letting it cool and washing the piece of clothing.

Tie-Dye Shirts

For this process, a 100% cotton shirt is the best. First, gather all the necessary things required and then prepare the shirt. Soak the shirt in warm water and soda ash with a tablespoon of table salt into it. After that, set the shirt on the surface of a table and position a rod or your finger precisely in the middle of the shirt, and slowly rotate the table clockwise until you have the shape of a flat pie. Slowly and carefully remove the rod and tie the pie with a rubber band. And finally, you are ready for dyeing. Make sure to take some precautions while carrying out this process. Cover the table and the walls with plastic sheets as the colors can stain your belongings permanently.

There are several other fun DIY projects that you can carry out for fun and fashion purposes to be the most stylish one standing.

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