Neck Pain: Common Causes And Treatment Options In Memorial Area, Houston 

Neck pain is a common type of musculoskeletal ailment that most of the population experiences at least once. It creates discomfort in the neck and can extend to the arms. Different kinds of pain treated by specialists in the Memorial Area include muscle spasms, muscle pain, nerve pain, headache, facet joint pain, and bone pain. 

In Memorial Area, Houston, the average money one needs to spend to consult a doctor is as low as $119.16. Also,  Memorial Area neck pain treatments are much less expensive than in neighbouring areas. Read on to know the causes of neck pain and treatment options available in Memorial Area, Houston. 

5 Major Causes Of Neck Pain 

There are plenty of causes of neck pain, and the common causes are listed here: 

Physical or Muscle Strains 

When neck muscles are overstrained due to strenuous activities, one may experience neck pain and stiffness. Weak abdominal muscles, incorrect body posture, and obesity often cause muscle strain, leading to neck pain. 

Mental Stress 

People often suffer from the pain of tightened neck muscles when stressed, resulting in stiffness and neck discomfort. 

Accidents or Injuries 

Auto collisions often cause neck discomfort. In addition, concussions and different injuries are likely to harm ligaments, muscles, nerves, disks, and vertebral joints, resulting in neck pain. 


As people age, their neck joints will also start to wear down. Due to this wear and tear, it leads to bone spurs causing chronic neck pain.

Underlying Diseases 

Neck pain is often a symptom of an underlying health condition, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, heart attack, etc. 

Different Neck Pain Treatment Options In Memorial Area, Houston 

In Memorial Area, Houston, one can find different surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to relieve neck pain. The best treatment options include: 


Pain medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often the most common treatment options for low-level or constant neck pain cases. These medications give relief from neck pain.


Though surgery is not a common treatment option for neck pain, if vertebrae in the spine are damaged or moved out of their original position, surgery is essential to eliminate discomfort. 


Physical therapy helps in relaxing neck muscles and tendons and reduces stiffness and pain. Other therapy options include massage, acupuncture, etc. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit 

TENS unit treatment involves applying minimal current on the neck to relieve neck pain. 


Pain relieving injections are injected into the body, which helps in reducing neck discomfort and inflammation. 

Bottom Line 

Overstraining neck muscles to underlying health conditions, there are numerous causes of neck pain. It is best to talk to a neck pain specialist in Memorial Area, Houston, and get the best treatment that gives instant relief from neck pain. 

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