Must Know Tips for Opening a Home Appliances Business

Home appliances were made to make our lives easier and to lessen the burden of chores. No wonder the home appliances sector is booming and generating a lot of income for many. This article shall discuss some factors to consider before starting a home appliances business.

Most people count their losses before starting any business. We would all like for our business to thrive and survive through times of economic hardships. Whether it’s a side hustle or main business, home appliances outlets help people put food on the table and others acquire the equipment they need.

Below are some of the factors to consider before opening one. They will help you make an informed decision on the kinds of appliances you can sell.

Location and space

Think about the place you would like to establish the business and the space you have rented. You will be receiving deliveries from companies and delivering them to clients. A good infrastructure will help you a lot. Ensure there is a steady supply of electricity around or your customers can access it.

Consider the kinds of electronics that you will sell. Does the rented space allow you to sell large appliances or you will only stick to the small ones?

Manufacturer’s customer service

You will get your supplies from certain manufacturers. Do a background check before signing any deal with them. Get to know if they have a service center around and if not what happens when items break down. Do they have a social media platform or customer service line that you and the customers can reach them through? Reviews will also help you.

Your customers are your priority and you need them to have confidence in the products you sell to them. Some items are constantly in use and are prone to breaking down. A service center builds confidence and affects purchase in most sectors like the vacuum cleaner Kenya market.

Energy efficiency

The appliances you sell should help the customers to save on cost by being energy efficient. Also think of the most preferred source of electricity in the area. Are most people using solar energy or generators? The appliances you provide to them should support its use.

Product information

Get to know the appliances as much as you can. How they work, how long they last, if spares are available and how to assemble them. The customers will depend on the information you give them when making a purchase. Having product information will help you affect the purchasing power of the customer. You can convince them to buy your appliances which increase your sales.

Customers really appreciate long warranty periods. It helps them believe in the product. Get to know how long the warranty is for each item from every supplier.


Will you be providing installation services? You should consider doing so even if it’s for a fee. Some appliances need installation kits. Make them available at your shop. Other times the customer may need professional assistance in assembling it. Ensure that you have personnel ready to offer such services.


Starting any business can be intimidating to entrepreneurs. The above tips will get you started when setting up a home appliances business. For more information, click here

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