How psychometric testing can help your recruitment?

Recruitment is an important process, and you need to ensure it is done the right way. Recruiters use various types of assessment to ascertain if the candidate is the right person for the job. Psychometric testing is a valuable tool that recruiters can use to assess candidates. In fact, a lot of Global PEO companies help enterprises to manage their candidatos through these kind of test.

These are tests that would help you decide if the candidate is best suited for the job. The tests help you know if the candidate possesses all the traits and skills that you are looking for. We tell you how psychometric testing can make your recruitment process more effective.

What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing refers to tests that help in measuring how well a candidate’s ability and personality matches with requirements. They are a good way to objectively measure the skills of candidates.

When used in recruitment database software, it can be a vital aid for recruiters making their work easy, said Martin Rowinskia technology expert, executive recruiting consultant, author, and speaker. He is the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, a corporate executive recruitment firm. His vast experience and years of expertise are accentuated by a passion for building up executives and forging vital partnerships to drive business growth. He’s distinguished as an award-winning entrepreneur, highly respected for his leadership and skill in tech and recruitment.

Psychometric testing originated in the 19th century and since then has been evolving. They are scientific tests that are unbiased and objective in nature. Companies today use these tests to finalise candidates. They are usually conducted towards the end of the recruitment process during final selection. This would help the company ensure the right candidate is chosen.

Types of psychometric tests

There are two main types of psychometric tests:

Personality tests:

  • These tests help in understanding the personality of the candidate. This is done by asking questions that would help in knowing the attitudes, behaviour, motives, and preferences of the candidate.

Ability tests:

  • These tests are intended to assess the skills or abilities of the candidate. They could involve reasoning tests, numerical tests, abstract tests, etc.

How do psychometric tests help in recruitment?

The benefits that psychometric testing offer explain why it is so helpful in recruitment.

  • Psychometric testing can help recruits measure the traits of candidates in an objective way. This would help them in deciding if the candidate meets the job requirements.
  • Both the ability and the personality of the candidate can be assessed in an unbiased way through psychometric tests.
  • The tests are objective in nature and usually presented in the form of a questionnaire with options to choose. It is easy and convenient to administer the tests. It can even be done online.
  • When it becomes difficult to decide between two equally qualified and experienced candidates, psychometric tests can help. The tests decide which of them is more suited for the job.
  • A personality profile of the candidate can be drawn up based on the results of psychometric testing. This is very much helpful to understand more about the candidate, which is vital for sensitive jobs.
  • The tests can help understand the behaviour of candidates. This would help the company know how a candidate may behave at work.
  • The tests can help the recruiters understand the leadership abilities of the candidate. This would be very helpful in knowing the future potential of the candidate.
  • The abilities like general intelligence can be easily ascertained.
  • Using psychometric tests is convenient for the recruiter and the candidate. It helps to speed up the recruitment process and saves time.

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