Korean vs Chinese vs Japanese Lifestyle and Fashion Trends

In total there are 195 countries in the world. And in every country there are some differences along with some similarities. Most importantly, the culture of every country is different as well as unique. For example, the culture of the USA is quite different from Asian countries. And along with culture there are some differences in fashion in every country. For example, braids are a common thing in European countries, whereas in Asian countries girls aren’t into braids.

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Nowadays girls are obsessed with Korean, Chinese and Japanese fashion trends, food, makeup etc. Korean, Chinese and Japanese are a part of Asian culture. There are certain similarities as well as differences between these three countries. Let’s get to know about some of the trends of each of the three countries.

  1. Korean Fashion Trends
  • Street-Style

Since the past few years street-wear is trending. And Street-Style is mainly inspired by celebrities. In the streets of Seoul Street-Style is common. Things that fall into Street-Style are baggy pants, bucket hats and oversized T-shirts.

  • Modern Hanbok

Modern Hanbok is a formal attire. It is a very pretty outfit, however it is very tough to wear. Modern Hanbok is very heavy and long. But in Korea, it is a famous trend to wear Modern Hanbok on any occasion. And many people are inspired by Koreans to wear Modern Hanbok.

  • Tennis/Pleated Skirts

Tennis Skirts were popular in Korea all the time. During summer you will see almost every Korean girl wearing tennis skirts. You can rock tennis skirts with small bags and crop tops or crop t-shirts.

  1. Chinese Fashion Trends
  • Animal print

Animal printed pants became a necessity in china. Almost every girl wore it. The trend of wearing animal printed pants started in 2020 and it is still famous. Some girls also wear animal printed dresses.

  • Suits

Normally people wear suits during meetings or special occasions. But in China girls wear suits on regular days. If you go on a date with a Chinese girl, you will find her wearing a suit. Substitutes for suits are blazers and fitted jackets.

  • Pastel

Before 2020, wearing dark colored clothes was a trend. But now wearing light colors especially pastel colored clothes is a trend.

  1. Japanese Fashion Trends
  • Coatigans

Most people don’t know what coatigans are. It is a combination of a coat and a cardigan. It will look like a coat, however it will feel like a cardigan when you wear it. Coatigans are a little bit heavier than normal coats.

  • Slouchy Outerwear

Slouchy Outerwear means that you will wear an oversized coat. You can also wear an oversized jacket instead of a coat. You must make sure that your coat or jacket is really oversized. And you will wear the coat or jacket in a lethargic manner.

  • Wide Leg Pants

The days of wearing skinny jeans are over. Nowadays not only Japanese girls but girls from all around the world are into wide legged pants. With wide leg pants you can wear a vintage tee.

Following fashion trends is fun. And you can learn many things about a person and the country.

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