How much is 1 Lot Point? How to Calculate Specific Charges for each station

How much is 1 point to eat is certainly the question of many bettors when participating in lottery betting. Especially for newbies who have just come into contact with this attractive betting game. Right now, let’s go with the house 789bets to find detailed and specific answers to the above question.

1. How much cash is 1 point lot?

For different forms of lottery play, there will be conventions on its specific reward ratio. As follows:

1.1 The Northern lot 1 point corresponds to how much money?

In the Northern Lottery, the most common and most commonly seen odds are 1:70. With this payout, you will receive an amount of VND 70,000 if you win when you bet with a capital of VND 1,000. However, this rate is quite low and not too attractive for players. Therefore, some bookies have adjusted their bonus levels higher. So how much is 1 point of the lot for the online form, the answer is 1:96 or 1:99.

In the regulations of the lottery, each lot point when converted to cash will be counted as 23,000 VND. There will be differences in different regions, but the vast majority of point values are between 21,800 and 23,000 VND. The corresponding odds are 23:80, which means that with 23,000 VND bet, the player can get 80,000 VND back.

In addition to the Bach Thu lot, many people also wonder how much is 1 point of the lot to eat for the skewers. Specifically:

Skewer 2 has a ratio of 1:10, that is, if you bet 100,000 VND and win, you will receive a 10 times bonus of 1,000,000 VND.

Skewer 3 has a ratio of 1:40, with 50,000 VND bet and won, you will have 2,000,000 VND.

Skewer 4 has a ratio of 1:100, with 100,000 VND bet and won, you will collect 10,000,000 VND.

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1.2XSMN regulation for 1 point how much to eat?

For the lottery, they have a way of calculating how much each lot can eat, which is quite different from the North, each lot in the South is equivalent to 18,000 VND. Although the value of this lot is lower than that of the North, the payout ratio remains the same, still 1 lot will receive 80,000 VND, but the probability of winning lots will be higher, the winning amount will also be higher. will increase accordingly.

Screenshot 2 2

In the case of 2 radios and 1 lot, the corresponding rate is 14,400/15,000/16,000. When winning, players will receive from 75,000 to 80,000 VND.

The bag of 3 radios and 1 point is equivalent to 13,600 VND, players will get 650,000 VND when they win.

The pack of 4 radios and 1 point is equivalent to 12,800 VND, when winning, the player will have 5,500,000 VND for 1 point.

When playing skewers in the South, how much is 1 lot worth? The answer is as follows:

Lot 2, 1 point is equivalent to 29,000 VND when won, players will receive 650,000 VND for 1 point.

3, 1 point skewers are equivalent to 43,000 VND, when winning, the player will have 3,500,000 VND for 1 point.

For 4, 1 point skewers is equivalent to 57,000 VND, when winning, the player will receive 10,000,000 VND for 1 point.

How to calculate the bet for 1 lot when playing the Southern Lottery

1.3 How much does the Central region eat?

At the Central radio station, the bonus amount for 1 point of how much to eat is the lowest among the 3 stations. The face value of the reward only ranges from 13,000 to 15,000 VND. This is a fixed price for each lot point and is applied during the lottery calculation process.

For example, if you reach 20 points with a face value of 13,000 VND, when you win, you will receive a total of 260,000 VND (13,000 VND x 20 points). When you win the lottery with lots of points, the reward price will be from 80,000 to 85,000 VND respectively. Therefore, if you reach 20 points and win the lottery, the total amount will be 1,600,000 VND (20 points x 80,000 VND).

2.Notes on how to calculate lottery money for newbies

For the lotteries, in addition to knowing how much to eat 1 point, it is also important to note the following:

Refer to the stations: You need to find out and refer to how to calculate how much money is 1 point from different stations. Radio stations often have a fixed price for each lot point, mastering this information helps you calculate accurately and avoid losing money unjustly.

Consult experienced players: Meet and discuss with brothers with long-term experience in lotteries to receive suggestions on easy-to-eat lotteries and have the highest rewards. They can share valuable experiences that will help you increase your chances of winning and achieving great results.

Understand the rules: In order to avoid situations where you don’t know how to calculate how much money a lot is, leading to unjust money loss, you need to master the rules and calculation methods. This helps you make the right decisions and make the most of your chances of winning big in the lottery.

Screenshot 3 2

A few notes when calculating how to score lots

In short, mastering the answer to how much is 1 point is an important factor for new players to be able to calculate effective investment. Hopefully, the above sharing of 789Bets will help you easily win in attractive bets.

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