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Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, is revolutionizing the way we drive by providing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Mobileye has been at the forefront of road safety technology since 1999, and their innovations have been instrumental in making roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. In this article, we will explore Mobileye’s recent developments in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Munich.

Tokyo: Implementing Advanced Road Safety Technologies

Mobileye has partnered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to launch a pilot program that aims to improve road safety in the city. The program involves the installation of Mobileye’s ADAS in government vehicles, such as garbage trucks and buses, to collect data on road conditions, traffic patterns, and driving behavior. The data will be used to develop advanced road safety technologies that can be implemented throughout the city.

Mobileye’s ADAS technology includes features such as lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, and pedestrian detection. These features are designed to alert drivers to potential hazards and help them avoid accidents. The data collected from the pilot program in Tokyo will be used to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of these features.

Shanghai: Testing Autonomous Driving Technologies

Mobileye is also testing autonomous driving technologies in Shanghai. The company has partnered with Chinese automaker SAIC Motor to develop a self-driving vehicle that can navigate complex urban environments. The vehicle is equipped with Mobileye’s advanced computer vision and sensing technology, which allows it to detect and respond to obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

The autonomous vehicle is being tested on designated routes in Shanghai, and the data collected from these tests will be used to improve the vehicle’s performance and safety features. Mobileye is also working with SAIC Motor to develop a fleet of autonomous taxis that will provide a safe and convenient transportation option for people in the city.

Munich: Collaborating with BMW Group

Mobileye has been collaborating with BMW Group for several years to develop advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving technologies. The partnership has resulted in the production of several BMW models that are equipped with Mobileye’s ADAS technology, including the BMW 7 Series, the BMW X5, and the BMW iNEXT. Mobileye tokyo shanghai munichwiggersventurebeat

The latest collaboration between Mobileye and BMW Group involves the development of a next-generation autonomous vehicle platform. The platform will be used to produce a fleet of self-driving taxis that will be deployed in cities around the world. The platform will feature Mobileye’s advanced sensing and computer vision technology, which will enable the vehicles to navigate complex urban environments safely and efficiently.


Mobileye’s innovations in road safety technology are making a significant impact on the way we drive. The company’s partnerships with governments, automakers, and other organizations are helping to improve road safety and provide a safer, more convenient transportation option for people around the world. With continued investment in research and development, Mobileye is poised to lead the way in autonomous driving technology for years to come.

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