Get into the Holiday Spirit with Pocket7Games

Is there anything better than the holiday season with all of its festivities and holiday lights? Yes! Pocket7Games’ Christmas event combines holiday spirit and fun with playing games for cash. Who doesn’t like some extra cash over this beautiful yet expensive season? Players can download the app and immediately start playing online to win cash

What is Pocket7Games?

Pocket7Games is a robust gaming app featuring skill-based legit games of various kinds. Choose to play real money bingo or games like Dice Tour, Dunk Shot, Solitaire Clash and more. The opportunities, and fun, are virtually limitless! Each game features its own unique way of earning cash. A good hint for players: stay competitive when playing games for cash

How does one earn money on Pocket7Games?

There are different ways players can earn money by playing games. Since these are skill-based legit games, players are matched based on skill level. Once they have been matched with others, the fun begins! After finishing a game, whoever wins first, second, and third are rewarded in sparkles – the game’s currency. Sparkles can then be re-used in order to gain entry to free cash tournaments where players can win cash prizes. 

The Christmas Event

The Christmas fun begins December 13, 2021, and runs until January 2, 2022. Those familiar with this mobile game will be excited to see the makeover magically happen overnight as under the sea themes suddenly feature holiday lights and Santa hats, while other backgrounds turn into snowy villages. 

While the beautiful holiday backgrounds and themed games add a great touch, there are also ample opportunities to earn rewards and cash. During this event, there’s a giveaway to win an iPhone 13 and a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Players will find their opportunity to win this by simply spinning the wheel and waiting for luck to find them. 

Additionally, players can win up to $500 in extra cash in Dice Tour, as well as earn 100 sparkles by referring friends to join in on the holiday-themed fun. These sparkles can be used to participate in free cash tournaments to win big; logging in daily is another way to win sparkles. 

More holiday events are going to be released within the game, as well as special log-in rewards, unlimited deposits, limited seasonal offers, mini-games to win more cash. Christmas is about giving, and AviaGames took that seriously with Pocket7Games. People won’t want to miss out!

The Two C’s – Christmas and Cash

This holiday season, celebrate Christmas by playing games for cash. Pocket7Games by AviaGames is a skill-based legit mobile game where players can play online and win cash. One mini-game is real money bingo, but there are many others like Dice Tour that offer extra opportunities to play in free cash tournaments to win extra cash. 

Players can expect to practice their skills, get competitive and enjoy the festive background of the games while winning cash which they can later securely deposit via Paypal or Apple Pay. There’s no time like the present than to start playing to win cash now!

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