Five Ways Awesome Leaders Set and Manage Expectations

The main role of a team leader is to guide and lead a team to achieve greatness, and this is only possible when the team works together. Before getting into anything, first ask yourself: what do you expect from your employees? Setting these clear expectations prevents future conflicts and avoids any complications as well. Your team members can’t perform well if they don’t know what you’re expecting from them. As a matter of fact, there are existing tools companies usually use through Employer of Record companies who might help your business.

Ways Awesome Leaders Set and Manage Expectations

Setting clear expectations brings transparency and engages the team members in the workplace. In case you don’t set the expectation, the ultimate results will be underperforming, conflicts, disappointments, and other failures. Here is how successful leaders do it.

  • Create Document for Role and Responsibility

Team members always look for their role in the workplace, and if one person is underperforming, the progress will be down. First, tell your team members about the importance of their work and how to complete the tasks effectively. The best way to do so is by creating a document with roles and responsibilities for each team member. The document will be updated according to the requirements.

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  • Have an Open-Door Policy

Communication is the key to success. Always build an environment where you can communicate clearly and effectively. Through effective communication, you can tell employees what you expect from them and who will be doing a particular task. Moreover, your employees should feel comfortable when asking a question or sharing some feedback.

  • Make Everyone Feel Part of the Team

You have to bear a welcome attitude and honor your employees that you’ll be there in case of any help. One of the best ways to make everyone feel part of the team is by engaging them with regular discussion, providing them with proper training, and asking if they are feeling comfortable here or not.  When the employees are welcomed, they will contribute to the company’s growth with great zeal and zest.

  • Give Meaningful Feedback

It is an evident fact that employees don’t like unnecessary and irrelevant feedback. Always provide meaningful feedback to engage them. Also, employees always look for the CEO to appreciate them. Therefore, do find some time to share a few words of appreciation of someone before all employees. On the other hand, always teach someone in private when he/she doesn’t perform well.

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  • Make it Measurable

It is another point where everything in the organization should be measurable. If you are going to set goals, always set realistic and measurable goals. Another means of this point is to set a clear and concise deadline that everyone is well-aware of. Successful leaders like Deborah Morrish always consider it their topmost priority.


Setting clear and realistic expectations is critical for business growth. If employees are not told about the duties of their role, and they are not accountable, then the organization will fall. When it comes to Knowing how to manage expectations, Deborah Morrish has a lot to share with you.

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