Differences between The Western Countries And The Arabian Countries

Every country is beautiful and unique in their own ways. There are many amazing places and things to see in ever country. For example in India there is the famous Taj Mahal, then in Australia there are many kangaroo and Kuala to see. And the culture of every country make everything seem more unique. The culture in India is way different from the culture of USA or London.

Difference Between Arab And Western Countries

Learning about different cultures is fun. Even though it is true that every country has different cultures, there are some similarities between them. For example, there are similarities between the countries in western side. But the culture of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and western countries are very different. Let’s see how life I’m Arab country is different from western countries.

  1. Life In Arab Countries

In Arab countries most of the people are Muslims. In Arab countries you will find mosques in every corner. All the people of Arab countries are well known for their kindness and hospitality. People of Arab countries say that “ Islam taught them to become more courteous and socially dignified towards their surrounding people”. They try to treat foreigners as nicely as possible. Even there are many people in Arab countries who will allow you to stay at their homes without any charge. Arab people confess that they find enjoyment by providing warm hospitality to their guests.

In Arab countries, greeting elders properly is a mandatory thing. In Arab countries, tea is the favorite beverage of almost every person. If you ever visit an Arab house, you should never refuse the tea that they will serve. For them it is very insulting. Serving tea or coffee is a token of their hospitality.

In Arab countries mostly girls don’t wear western clothing. And dating in Arab countries isn’t an easy thing to do. In most cases all the marriages that take place in Arab countries are arranged.

  1. Life In Western Countries

Life in western countries is fun. You will get a lot of freedom. Girls can wear anything. However the people of western countries aren’t as hostile as Arabian people.

Almost all the western countries are developed as a result getting a job isn’t that hard in western countries. That is why many people want to shift to western countries. Another reason why people want to live in western countries is because of the lower living cost. People find the living cost in any western country cheaper. Of course the living cost varies from country to country, as well as it depends on a great number of factors.

In western countries dating is easy. You can date anyone you like. As well as you can show your love and affection to your partner openly. Moreover people of western countries are open to homosexual relationship. Many people from other countries said that they found their love in a foreign land.

Some people, especially Muslims dream of living in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia or Dubai. And some people dream of living in a western country like Brazil. Every country is amazing.

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