Common Myths Revolving Around Filler Treatment

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body? This organ protects body tissues from adverse external conditions. Further, your skin dictates your uniqueness and identity to those around you. Collagen in your body is the one responsible for the structure and functioning of your skin. However, as you grow old, collagen production reduces due to defective mechanical stimulation. Your skin will then weaken, exposing you to wrinkles and sunken cheeks. These aging signs can hinder your capacity to express your facial emotions. If you have these concerns, consider facial fillers Oakbrook Terrace to restore your youthful look. Below are myths that should never hold you back when seeking facial filler treatment.

Filler and Botox Are the Same Things

While the two injectables help alleviate the aging signs, they differ. Essentially, botox injections aim at blocking the nerve signals to the muscles. Consequently, the muscles responsible for the wrinkles will relax, thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles. On the contrary, fillers work by adding volumes to the soft tissues with a hollow appearance. Patients often seek fillers to treat under-eye circles and smile lines within the jowl region.

The Results Are Unnatural

Many people seeking facial fillers are concerned that the results will look artificial. However, the filler treatment will give beautiful, natural-looking results when performed correctly. Therefore, when seeking these treatments, you should get services from a specialist with extensive knowledge of dermal fillers. After the injectable, your friend will notice that your skin is renewed, but they will be unsure of the reason behind your look.

Fillers Are Painful

The mention of injection during dermal filler can make you think the procedure is agonizing. However, any discomfort you will encounter is minimal than the one you could have experienced during more invasive techniques like a facelift. Besides, the specialist will apply the numbing agent on the target skin region before injection to reduce pain. Therefore, the idea of pain should never hinder you from replenishing your skin.

Fillers Can Substitute Surgical Facelift

You may think dermal fillers yield similar results as facelifts, but you are mistaken. Although fillers can give you a more raised look, they cannot replace surgical procedure results. Usually, face lifts target deeper skin tissue while removing excess sagging skin. However, the filler is a good option if you want a quick way to rewind your aging signs. Further, combining filler and surgical results can help you achieve an optimal younger look.

Dermal Fillers Are Addictive

Some skeptics claim that once you begin filler treatments, you will develop a dependency on them. The reality is that filler injections do not have addiction effects. People will choose to continue with filler to reap maximum benefits. While the location of injection and individual activity level dictates the longevity of results, your results will last for about six to eight months on average. You can opt for other sessions to avoid the recurrence of aging signs.

As you age, you will notice many changes in your skin. Hollow cheeks and wrinkles are concerns you will encounter due to reduced collagen production. Fortunately, through facial fillers, you can alleviate these aging signs to be more appealing. While anticipating these treatments, it is good to clear the filler controversies through the above-deflated myths. For example, you will learn that before fillers treatment, the specialist numbs the target skin part to minimize the chances of discomfort. You will also understand that the need to maintain results is the one that keeps individuals from seeking other filler sessions.

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