3D visualization of architectural objects

At the start of any interior design project, businessmen are increasingly turning to a very convenient tool today, which not only saves time and money, but also allows them to see the future interior in the smallest detail.

3D interior visualization is a three-dimensional drawing, which, in fact, can replace photography. Our thoughts we can not yet take a picture, so this visualization helps us to reproduce what we want. In recent years, this technology has advanced so much that it has become one of the most in-demand ways to reproduce and create digital content.

Drawings, drawings and complex graphic designs are a thing of the past. Designers now prefer to work in special programs that help them quickly create interior design rendering for a client.

The main advantage of 3d visualization is in its realism, three-dimensionality and trying on different variants of apartment or office transformation, as if the repair and construction works have already been carried out. This ensures you a perfect choice of lighting, purchase perfectly matching finishing materials, cozy placement of all parts of furniture sets. Visualization helps to cover the volume, considering all the stylistic selections, finishing materials, fabrics and decor. The client is able to see the entire assortment in the image. Moreover, he can see the room from different angles and perspectives.

Help with construction

Visualizations are also necessary for builders. This makes it easier for them to understand what the final look should be during the project. Such a presentation is also convenient for the other contractors involved, who will be making the interior objects. A high-quality 3D visualization displays texture, color, and texture, which makes it much easier to work out the details.

At the design stage, certain interior and decorative items are incorporated into the space of the rooms. It is very important to take into account dimensions and fit details competently and ergonomically. Plane drawings, unlike 3D, often do not allow you to feel the true scale of the furniture.

Thanks to 3D visualization, the customer is immersed in the space of his future home and understands more precisely what could be in the way or would be useful.

3D visualization allows you to optimize your work and save time. For example, in the visualization you can show the customer several variants of solutions. Not to experiment at the site, but to play around on the computer.

Visualization can also show different scenarios for interior lighting. This allows the customer to understand what day, night, special or professional lighting looks like. With this feature, it’s easy to convince the customer to consider, for example, highlighting the steps. In this way, we inspire the customer with bold solutions even at the project stage, and they are not afraid of our design experiments.

How do you evaluate the quality of 3D visualization?

3D visualization of architectural objects1

The client, of course, does not always understand it. Sometimes only a professional can tell the difference between good and bad. For example, clients look at some of my works and think they are photographs. This shows a high level of visualization. The work looks so realistic that people believe it is a finished project.

Decide for yourself whether to spend extra money on visualization, but when it comes to finishing with expensive materials or custom furniture, it is necessary because it will help avoid unnecessary risks and costs.

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