Six Things Wise Leaders Do to Engage Their Employees

Engaging your employees is a task that leaders usually expect the employees to tackle on their own. In reality, the employees can only be engaged when the leader allows them to. It takes time, but if you’re looking for a collaborative team that works in a company’s best interests, you’d want to focus on building this engagement. In this post, you will learn all about employee engagement.

Things Wise Leaders Do to Engage Their Employees

Following are some of the many practices that wise leaders like Jason Daniel Hare do to keep their employees engaged:

● Get to Know Them

The best way to increase engagement is to get to know your employees. While this practice may seem cliché or even impossible at a high corporate level, it is effective. Every employee has a particular talent that needs to be pulled out. When you get to know them, you get an idea of their capabilities. You offer them recognition and treat them as more than just a vessel of work; this encourages them to genuinely work hard and perform efficiently.

● Stop Micromanaging

The most important practice that leaders emphasize is to trust their employees. This means they stop micromanaging, they give space to them, and they trust them to do the right thing. In case of a challenging situation, wise leaders like Jason Hare Kingston do help them find the necessary solution instead of bringing them down. But every employee hired brings value to your company; the sooner you comprehend this, the sooner you can let go and let them handle their respective assignments.

● Encourage Growth

Every employee under your care wants to grow as an individual. If they come to you with such intentions, then empower them. Help them pave a way to achieve more, grow intellectually, and increase their knowledge. Give them the help they need, and they’ll start respecting you more.

● Ask for Feedback

As a leader, you shouldn’t always provide feedback; you should ask for one too. When your employees are given a chance to express themselves freely, they become confident, and they feel like an essential part of the company. This helps them to see the company as more than just a 9 to 5 money-achieving space!

● Be Vocal About Your Vision

If you are not vocal about what you expect your company to be in the future, how can you expect high-grade performance? Or how would you expect your employees to invest their time in it? Start being honest about your goals and expectations. Let your employees know why you hired them and what you expect them to achieve.

● Be Honest About Your Intentions

Every company has a purpose, an intention, a path, or a goal. People tend to perform better when they believe they are contributing to society somehow or their work is meaningful. Help them find that meaning by explaining your company’s purpose. For instance, if you are a company creating products related to health, then explain to your employees how you wish to benefit society with it. What you wish to do with it and how you hope to potentially grow with it.


Be clear, be open, and frequently communicate with everyone in your team. When you do that, you treat your employees as a validated part of the team. When they feel included, they engage more and perform with a new sense of motivation.


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