Ria Barstool – Radio Podcaster, Social Media Influencer, and Intern at Barstool Sports

Ria Barstool is an American radio podcaster, social media influencer, and intern at Barstool Sports. She co-hosts the popular podcast show “Chicks in the Office” on Sirius XM. Barstool earned a degree in communications from Texas Tech University. She is a fan of the television show “Cheers” and is a member of the YouTube network. This article will give you some insider information on the radio podcaster’s career.

Ria Barstool was born in Texas, United States. She is of the white caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity. Her parents are not yet revealed but she has shared pictures of them on her Instagram account. She has a younger sister named Melissa Ciuffo. She has a strong following on social media and is a rising star in the fashion industry. She is married to fellow model and social media influencer, Henry Lockwood.

Marty and Ria’s relationship has gained massive social media exposure since they started dating. Since Ria and Hank’s “pact” was breached, people have been disavowing Marty for dating Ria. However, Big Cat, a podcast host and football enthusiast, gave his take on the situation. The rumor is true – Marty and Ria are dating. Ria hasn’t said anything publicly about the relationship until now.

Ria Ciuffo, the co-host of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, is already a big star on Sirius XM. She co-hosts the podcast “Chicks in the Office” with Kelly Keegs and Brianna Chickenfry, and her personality has already won her an audience. It is likely that her presence on Barstool will propel it up the podcast rankings.

Ria and Hank’s relationship began after Ria and Hank met at Barstool Sports. They started dating and were seen out together quite often. They shared numerous photos on social media. Ria’s Instagram account is a perfect example of the love between Hank and Ria. If they ever get together again, there’s no telling how they’ll bond in the future. If Ria is still dating Hank, then she’ll most likely be the one to do it.

Ria Barstool’s net worth is not publicly known. She is an entrepreneur, co-host of Chicks in the Office, and a radio personality. She earned a good income from brand endorsements. She also has a close friendship with Francesca Mariano, a former model and presenter of Chicks in the Office. The three co-hosts are friends and earn a decent amount of money.

Despite her fame, Barstool Sports has been linked to domestic terrorism and riots. The company has funded the rioters, who attacked a store owner with a sword. Moreover, Chicago rioters dragged multiple cops through the streets. The Barstool bail bond company has also been accused of funding terrorism. In June 2018, Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy said that Ciuffo would not appear on camera for five years. However, she joined the station as an intern. The online community also has an account on TikTok. She has an estimated 18 million views on her videos.

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