Items That Are Good to Buy in Bulk – And Others That Are Not

There has been much talk of stockpiling and being prepared since the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and panic-buying have changed many people’s attitudes to the amount of food and other items they should have in their home at any one time.

There are many benefits to bulk-buying, and it is not just household items that can be purchased in this way. For example, if you are considering setting up your own buying and selling website online, you might consider investing in bulk sunglasses from a wholesaler such as Olympic Eyewear.

That kind of bulk purchase makes sense because you can get cheaper prices for products that you can then resell for more. But does it make sense to buy food and other groceries in bulk? Well, in some instances, it can. Below we look at the items that are good to buy in bulk as well as some that are not.

Items to Buy in Bulk

The global pandemic scared many people and heralded an increase in bulk buying. But it is not just the pandemic that changed people’s attitudes. The war in Ukraine has meant that the world’s leading supplier of wheat has been unable to export. This has led to a shortage in supply. Knowing that any number of issues can affect supply and demand of various products such as pasta (which is made from wheat), means that more people are choosing to stock up and be prepared.

Dry products such as pasta and rice are therefore good to buy in bulk, provided of course that you have the means to store it. The great thing about pasts and rice is that you can make a variety of dishes from them, and they are quick and easy to cook.

Toilet paper is another essential item that most of us would not want to run out of. Buying bulk toilet paper can help you to save money and will ensure you don’t face empty shelves (the likes of which were seen during the Covid pandemic).

Tea and coffee can also be purchased in bulk as they have a long shelf life and can be easily stored. Even if it is just a bigger than usual jar from the grocery store, you are likely to save money.

Canned goods will theoretically last forever, provided the can is not damaged. Even cans that are long past their sell-by date will contain good-to-eat food in the event of an emergency.

What You Should Avoid Buying in Bulk

While buying in bulk means you get cheaper prices, it only makes sense to buy large quantities of products if they are going to last. So buying fruit and vegetables in bulk makes no sense unless, of course, you have the means to cook and freeze them or put them in a dehumidifier.

Chips and candy might seem like something worth buying in bulk, but they don’t stay fresh for very long. You might find yourself eating more of these unhealthy snacks than you would like in a bid to prevent them from going stale quickly.

Other items to avoid buying in bulk are herbs and spices as these will lose their flavor and potency quite quickly. You may find that you end up throwing them in the trash before you have used a fraction of them.

To conclude, buying in bulk makes sense when it comes to items that will last a long time. So, consider buying your toilet paper, tea, and coffee in larger quantities to save money, but avoid things like herbs, spices, and chips, which don’t have a long shelf life.

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