Hiring an injury lawyer in Salem: Take these questions with you

Whether you were hurt in a car crash in Salem or have a case of negligence against a premise owner, it is pertinent that you find the best legal team to represent you. Laws in Oregon give two years to victims to file an injury lawsuit, but you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. What you do immediately after the mishap is critical, and working with a Salem personal injury lawyer will only ease things further. In this post, we share the top questions that you must ask when you go for a consulting session.

What are the damages worth?

Your compensation may include both financial and non-economic damages, such as your medical bills, lost income, suffering, and mental anguish. An experienced attorney can look at the immediate facts to share what the claim is worth. This will give you a fair idea of whether you should settle the case or look forward to a long legal battle.

What would be your advice at this point?

An injury lawyer will advise you on things that can help the case, along with mistakes you must avoid. For instance, they may ask you to avoid talking about the accident with anyone or posting info on social media. Because they are interested in the compensation, they will never suggest anything wrong.

What would be your fee?

The contingency arrangement is typical for personal injury lawsuits. The lawyer doesn’t demand a retainer fee but will keep a part of the settlement. However, make sure you understand the costs related to your claim and their fee structure. It is common for injury lawyers in Salem to charge 25% or more.

Can you go to trial?

There is always a chance that the initial negotiation will result in a settlement. However, you should be prepped to deal with a trial when necessary. If you are hiring an injury lawyer, ensure they have courtroom experience and can represent you before the jury.

How quickly can you settle the case?

Many injury claims take months to settle, but experienced attorneys can give you an estimated timeline for the case. Please don’t expect the lawyer to give you updates each week, although it is relevant that you have access to their staff and can seek info on demand.

Finally, do ask the attorney whether they are personally available. You don’t want to pay a high contingency fee for an injury lawyer who is allowing a junior to work on the case.  

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