6 Early Warning Signs of Spinal Fractures: Here is How You Can Solve It

A spinal fracture is a term that connotes breaking any of the vertebrae that make up the combined spinal column in the body. It can happen either due to osteoporosis or trauma. Here, trauma includes a car accident or any other injury that affects the bone with its breakdown. 

The spinal fracture due to osteoporosis is not easily visible to people; therefore, we need to understand the symptoms or early warning signs of spinal fractures. There are various methods of diagnosis that you can consult with doctors in the spinal centers anywhere in Atlanta. Spine Center Atlanta proves to be a solution for spinal fractures, and you can visit the center for better treatment. 

6 Early Warning Signs of Spinal Fractures

  • Swelling and weakness: The area where the bone or the vertebrae is broken; you can feel swollen areas which can cause pain while touching. 
  • Back Pain: The main symptom of a spinal fracture is back pain. There will be excessive and intense pain in the back, and it might increase over time. The pain may get worse while walking and doing physical work. 
  • Height Loss: The collapse of the spinal bone can reduce height. It breaks some bone parts into pieces, and therefore, it leads to height loss.
  • Posture Change: When there is a break in the vertebrae, the straight posture is difficult to maintain. There will be a new stoop or slump in your back, which makes a person lean forward and ultimately change the posture. 
  • Numbness: There might be numbness in the back which will cut the connection between your nerves and brain. This numbness may run down to the hands or legs.
  • Incontinence: Spinal Fracture may also cause loss of control of your bowel and bladder.

These are some of the early warning signs that you may face if there is a spinal fracture and you are unaware of it. If you are facing any of these symptoms, you should consult medical facilities to diagnose them immediately in Atlanta. 

What is the Solution to Spinal Fractures? 

  • Bracing: Bracing is a process that supports the back, spinal bone to stand in alignment. It can help to heal the bone properly. 
  • Treating Osteoporosis: If the spinal fracture is due to osteoporosis, the doctors will prescribe supplements to strengthen the bone to prevent future fractures. 
  • Spinal Surgery: If the problem of spinal fracture increases even after doing non-surgical treatments, spinal fracture can be an important solution. The spinal surgery may include vertebroplasty (liquid cement) or kyphoplasty (liquid cement with a balloon to relocate the bone) to cure the fracture. 
  • Exercises: Some physical exercises like arm lifting, bird dog position, and other such exercises can help prevent such fractures. 

A spinal fracture is scary for people and poses a danger to the physical capability of doing various activities. Therefore, it is important to reduce the chances of facing spinal fractures by understanding the symptoms and taking appropriate steps. You can schedule your spinal tests at Spine Center Atlanta to take the best treatment. 

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