5 Premium Apple Games Worth Every Penny

With mobile gaming rapidly expanding, gamers are faced with a vast selection, starting from the goodness of free games to the allure of paid elite adventures. The crucial question is: which of these games deserve your hard-earned cash?

We are here to pinpoint those premium games that stand out from the crowd – the ones that promise more than just entertainment and get etched in your memory. You can get Apple Gift Cards to purchase these top-tier games from the Apple Arcade or App Store. If you want to buy Apple Gift Card online, check U7BUY. With Apple digital gift card from U7BUY, there’s no need to wait. Upon purchase, you’ll receive the digital code swiftly, allowing you to redeem it instantly and access your favorite games without delay.

5 Premium Apple Games You Should Buy

Let’s dive into the best 5 paid games available on the Apple App Store in 2023, perfect for your gaming investment


Known as the best-selling video game in history, Minecraft’s open-ended, sandbox nature allows for unlimited creativity and exploration. Minecraft is especially worth your money as it comes with no specific goals but lets you run wild with your imagination.

With consistent content updates, Minecraft remains a constantly evolving adventure, steering the players away from boredom, and its community-driven aspect, supported by multiplayer servers and personal realms, encourages teamwork and nurtures social connections. Minecraft is available for $6.99 on the App Store.

Plague Inc.

In this real-time strategy game, players have to develop a lethal pathogen to start a pandemic and wipe out the human race, with gameplay centered on strategic adaptation and overcoming resistance efforts.

Given the uniqueness of Plague Inc., it is a compelling purchase for several reasons, offering a unique blend of strategy and simulation. The game’s complexity and realism challenge players to think critically and creatively. You can enjoy this strategic stimulation for only $0.99.

Heads Up!

This game is perfect for a night of hanging out with your friends and requires a player to place their phone on their forehead to display a hidden word while others provide clues.

The player must guess as many words as they can, using the given clues, in 60 seconds, with categories ranging from celebrities to movies. For just $1.99, Heads Up! can bring excitement to your gatherings, acting as a lively and interactive party solution.

Beyond A Steel Sky

Set 10 years after its predecessor, Beneath a Steel Sky, this cyberpunk science fiction game takes the player into Union City to search for a kidnapped Child. As you navigate through the dangerous world, you uncover the hidden ugly truths of what seems to be a beautiful utopian city.

Praised for its visuals and sound effects, Beyond A Steel Sky offers an enthralling experience for its players with its captivating storyline, challenging puzzles, and a dash of humor. You can embark on this cyberpunk journey by subscribing to Apple Arcade, which also opens the gateway to other adventures. View site to delve more into the expanding universe of gaming.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fast-paced single-button game that is very easy to understand yet extremely challenging to master. All you do is control a single cube with taps to jump and fly as you navigate through a course full of obstacles.

With the massive amount of user-created content, the playability is nearly endless. It may make you want to quit in a rage, but you will find yourself coming for more, as the satisfaction of mastering a challenging level after repeated attempts is unmatched. If you want a game that tests your reflexes and timing, download this from the App Store for $1.99.

Your investment in these games goes beyond dollars. You spend your valuable time and effort on them, and you deserve to be whisked away on adventures that will redefine your mobile gaming expectations.

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