Why You Should Consider Eyelid Surgery

Do your eyes appear puffy and saggy? It happens as the skin muscles around the eyes lose their elasticity, leaving you with an unsightly appearance. Scarsdale eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, helps remove such droopy appearance and restore your youthful look. Eyelid surgery is a minimally-invasive and safe procedure that can be performed on the upper, lower, or both eyelids. The procedure delivers notable benefits such as:

Improved vision

Besides the tired look, droopy eyelids can impact your field of vision. It might only seem like a cosmetic issue, especially since the sagging happens gradually, and you might not notice significant vision changes. For some, though, the visual impact is apparent, as well as discomfort, more so if genetic predisposition for saggy eyelids is in the equation. The surgery eliminates the excess tissue to address the peripheral vision restriction. You will restore a perfect field of vision which enhances your safety.

Youthful appearance

Saggy eyelids are often accompanied by bags under your eyes, making you look older. It is among the early aging signs, especially when genes are involved. Droopy eyes can start to show as early as in your 2os and 30s, which can significantly impact your appearance. Eyelid surgery provides an effective and reliable solution that restores a youthful appearance.

Sharper and alert look

Droopy eyes make you look grumpy and sleepy. Your eyes look noticeably tired and as if they are half-closed. Eyelid surgery allows you to spot a well-rested look, a sharp and alert appearance that impacts your social endeavors, especially in settings like business meetings.

Improved confidence

Confidence can’t be overlooked, considering how it impacts your productivity. When you are not looking your best, self-esteem dwindles. You can quickly become self-conscious about your looks, which affects your self-esteem and can even cause anxiety. When you are always worried about how others perceive your looks, you can hardly focus on your task at hand. This can quickly spiral and, to some, result in self-isolation. Eyelids surgery helps restore a youthful appearance, giving you a confidence boost. This makes concentrating on your tasks easier and facilitates comfortable social engagements.

Minimal scarring

You could shy away from eyelids surgery, worrying about potential scarring, as is the case with many surgical procedures. This is a non-issue since blepharoplasty entails small incisions that leave minimal scarring. The incisions are easily concealed within the eyelid’s folds, and you can hardly spot any scarring after the healing period. This makes eyelid surgery a discreet cosmetic solution since you won’t be left with an awkward scar.

Lasting results

While eyelid surgery won’t stop your skin from aging and consequential sagging, the results last long. If you get upper and lower eyelid surgery, the results can last a lifetime. If you opt for upper eyelid surgery, you will enjoy the results for an average of seven years.

Eyelid surgery is an intricate procedure that ensures the safety of the sensitive area around the eyes. It is an effective way to restore youthful, sharp, and alert-looking eyes. Contact Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, today for more on eyelid surgery or to schedule your appointment.

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