Which SAFe Certification Course is suitable for you


SAFe courses are one of the largest gaining momenta in the professional market. Where most SAFe courses helped them to achieve their goals and helped them to grow further steps in their career. Scaled Agile is the one that provides the certificate which is globally recognized. ScaledAgile offers multiple SAFe courses where you can choose which one is better for you based on your configuration.

The Courses List

Leading SAFe 5.1 certification

This is also called SAFe Agilist 5.1 Certification training, This certification is the collaboration of multiple Agile frameworks This certification training is where professionals who are in software testing, product development, the business analysis can pursue the Leading SAFe training. The Leading SAFe certificate helps the professional to achieve the goals of the organization significantly and effectively.

SAFe Scrum Master Training

SSM certification Training is one of the SAFe training in the world. SAFe Scrum Master Certification training is a globally recognized certificate. It helps the professionals to plan and execute the program of facilitating the Scrum. Here the candidates will learn how to prepare the Scrum-related activities in the organization. This helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives very effectively during the implementation of SAFe.

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Certification Training

SAFe Product Owner and Product Manager training is on based on the Scaled Agile principle where which is the widely used methodology to showcase the efficiency of the Product Owner and Product Manager towards the organization. It ensures the roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner and Product Manager which helps them to work effectively so they can deliver the product in the most effective in the organization. This brings efficiency and drives the organization toward success

Implementing SAFe Certification training

Implementing SAFe certification training is also called SAFe program consultant. Implementing SAFe is the leading agent who implements the whole agile framework in the organization and this certification training is mainly designed for the candidate who is trustworthy and leads the transformation of the organization using agile framework practices inside the organization. SAFe program consultant includes how to endow the organization’s transformation plan and perpetual delivery pipeline towards the organization.

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Training

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification Training is the largest gaining momentum in the market. It has the largest hype in professionals. SASM certification ensures that how to learn scrum master principles and Kanban techniques in DevOps for agile where which helps them to interact with employees and stakeholders in the organization, SASM plays a crucial role in transforming the organization and SAM is going to lead the team, and build a roadmap towards the success.

Lean Portfolio Management certification Training

Lean portfolio management is a process that helps organizations align their portfolios with their strategy and optimize their value delivery. LPM enables organizations to make effective decisions about which projects to invest in, how to prioritize them, and how to allocate resources. LPM has four key dimensions: strategy, value, delivery, and people. Lean portfolio management is a new way to manage portfolios that consist of speed, agility, and continuous delivery. It is based on the lean principles of reducing waste and maximizing value. The goal of lean portfolio management is to help organizations get the most out of their portfolios by making them more agile and responsive to change.

In conclusion

However, the above courses are the SAFe courses where the professionals can learn and this helps to boost their careers. The above courses have their own advantages based on their own roles and responsibilities toward the organization. So choose the course very carefully which will help you to change your current designation and helps you to grow further in your career

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