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In the competitive world of software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to stand out from the crowd. But that’s exactly what Torii has managed to do, and it’s earning them a lot of attention from venture capital firms.

The Torii platform helps businesses streamline their SaaS subscriptions, by tracking usage and spend, identifying underutilized services, and providing recommendations for consolidation or cancellation. This is particularly valuable for large organizations, which can end up with dozens or even hundreds of different SaaS tools being used across various departments and teams.

Founded in 2017 by Uri Haramati and Tal Bereznitskey, Torii has quickly become a rising star in the SaaS management space. The company’s innovative approach to SaaS optimization has garnered a lot of interest from both customers and investors alike.

Miller’s TechCrunch article: Torii raises $10M

Recently, Torii made headlines after raising $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Wing Venture Capital, with participation from previous investors Entree Capital and Global Founders Capital. The company plans to use the funding to expand its team and enhance its product offerings.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Uri Haramati, CEO and co-founder of Torii, said, “Our platform helps organizations optimize their SaaS stack, enabling them to cut costs and increase productivity. With this new funding, we’ll be able to help even more businesses take control of their SaaS subscriptions and make more informed decisions about their technology investments.” Torii saas venture capitalmillertechcrunch

Why Torii stands out in a crowded market

There are plenty of other companies out there offering SaaS management solutions, but what sets Torii apart is its focus on actionable insights. The platform doesn’t just provide data on which tools are being used and how much they cost; it also offers recommendations for how businesses can optimize their SaaS stack to save money and increase efficiency.

This approach has proven to be particularly valuable for large enterprises, which can struggle to keep track of their various SaaS subscriptions and often have redundancies or underutilized tools. By providing personalized recommendations for each organization, Torii is helping these companies cut costs while maintaining the tools they need to stay productive.

Looking ahead

With its recent funding round, Torii is well-positioned to continue growing and innovating in the SaaS management space. As more businesses turn to SaaS tools for their daily operations, the need for solutions like Torii will only increase.

As Uri Haramati told TechCrunch, “We’re excited to keep building and improving our platform, and we’re grateful to our investors for their support in helping us bring our vision to life.” With the backing of top-tier venture capital firms and a strong track record of success, it’s clear that Torii is a company to watch in the SaaS space.

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