Lifestyle with a low carb diet to keep body fit

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, but sometimes too much intake of carbohydrates can cause significant harm to our body. We often do not realize how this added sugar in soda, cakes, and ice-creams contributes to heart diseases, obesity, and many other risky diseases. Carbohydrates can cause more significant harm than fats, so to opt for a better lifestyle, we should maintain a diet containing low carbohydrates content.

Low Carb Diet: A low-carb diet is a diet in which we can take a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Taking lower carbohydrates will give us low energy, so we have to take a high amount of fat and protein in this diet. In simple words, too many carbohydrates are replaced with fats and proteins in this diet.

Benefits of a low carb diet: Low carb diet has a large number of advantages on our body.

1)Low carb diet reduces our appetite. In a low-carb diet, we are allowed to take more proteins and fats, so our stomach becomes full; hence we feel hungry less often. Intake of carbs causes us to become hungry frequently, so by cutting off carbs, our appetite automatically decreases.

2)Low carb diet helps us to reduce our weight very quickly and effectively. According to researches, low carb diet reduces our weight faster than a low-fat diet. Due to lower carbohydrates, there is less risk of developing diabetes; hence the body insulin level gets lower. As we are not taking carbohydrates, fat is being burned faster, and hence extra water is also being removed from the body, making us thin more quickly.

3)Too much carbohydrate in the diet can lead to cardiovascular diseases and can also increase our blood pressure. A low-carb diet helps keep our pressure in the normal range and protects us from heart diseases

4)They reduce harmful body fats, which may cause dangerous diseases. In a low-carb diet, our abdominal fat is burnt drastically, which is a reason for many metabolic disorders. Also, the level of triglyceride in our body decreases. These triglycerides cause blockage in the heart. Hence they are a considerable risk factor for having a heart attack.

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5)They increase the level of HDL cholesterol and decrease the level of LDL cholesterol.HDL is good for our body and protects us from CVD, whereas LDL is a risk factor for CVD. As a low-carb diet instructs the intake of significant fat, we can benefit from it by developing more HDL.

Methods to adapt low carb diet for a lifetime:

Strong determination: We will need strong decisions to get rid of carbs which is challenging but not impossible. Whenever we are at a restaurant before ordering our favorite soda, we can think of all the favor we will be doing to our body by ignoring it. At first, it will seem challenging, but with time, it will become easier as all of this is for the sake of our body only.

Substitution: We can find a substitute for our favorite food and then ignore having high carbohydrate food. For example, we can replace rice with cauliflower rice and noodles with zucchini which tastes almost the same but is not harmful.

Cooking with a different technique: We can try and cook our favorite item in another way and reduce the number of carbohydrates in that dish. For example, we can have boiled food instead of oily food, which is less harmful to our bodies.

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