How safe are modern cars?

People today are so busy that it is difficult to avoid social media. Smartphones make it easy to keep up with the latest news. While smartphones are a great tool, they can also cause distractions that can lead to distracted driving. Distracted driving poses a danger to pedestrians, cyclists, passengers and drivers. Many vehicle companies have invested millions of dollars to develop vehicles that reduce distracted driving-related deaths.

There are many safety features that have been developed, but the following are some of the most important:

  • One of the latest technologies in cars is the driver monitoring system. The vehicle is equipped with sensors and cameras from renowned car manufacturers such as BMW, Subaru, and others. These sensors and cameras detect driver attention using face recognition technology. Some sensors can see the eye and use hand coordination techniques to check if the driver is paying attention on the road. The sensors will notify the driver to pay more attention to the road and be more focused.
  • Driving instructors will tell their students to follow your eyes. If the driver is distracted by their phone or other immediate environment, they can cause the car to drift out of the lane. This can happen without the driver even realizing. The lane departure alarm system was created to alert drivers when the car is drifting out of your lane. Keep track of your car’s position within the lane using sensors.
  • This feature can be used in conjunction with lane departure alert. It will re-center your car and perform minor steering corrections. However, autonomous driving is not possible. You may feel a slight tugging sensation in your hand when the steering wheel moves in your hands. This will allow you to re-center the vehicle in the appropriate lane. You may also need to manually take control of your vehicle if the cruise control is disabled.
  • You can link your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone to your car and it will display several apps in the multimedia system. Although Apple CarPlay and Android Auto might seem like another distraction while driving, these apps are actually quite useful. These apps let you send and receive text messages, access navigation applications, and interact with your phone without having to look at it. You can also block certain functions from your smartphone, such as the on-screen keyboard on Android phones.

These are just a few of the new technologies that have been added to cars. Many more are being developed to make your journey even safer. Aside from these new technologies, getting the best car insurance can make your journey even safer. Even if you are the most responsible and safest driver on the road, collateral damages can still be caused by someone else’s negligence. These collateral damages can be very costly if the third person doesn’t have insurance. It is important to have comprehensive insurance that covers your car. Buy modern cars if you can, or comprehensive car insurance if you don’t have one. It will be very beneficial.

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