Bigg Boss Season 13 Watch Online 4th Oct

If you’re eagerly awaiting the premiere of Bigg Boss season 13, you may want to watch episodes online for free. Here are some of the best places to watch the show, and how to find them. You can also watch it on television if you want to know which contestant fares the worst. However, the truth is that Bigg Boss season 13 is not unbiased and has some flaws.

You can watch Bigg Boss season 13 online for free on various streaming platforms. It’s available on various platforms, including Voot, Jio TV, and airtel xtream. These sites will let you stream the most recent seven days of Bigg Boss episodes. For Indian audiences, it’s also available in various languages. In fact, you can watch Bigg Boss season 13 on several different devices.

In one episode of Bigg Boss, the contestants will be sent to a telephone booth to make phone calls to friends. During this time, they’ll have to count the seconds and press the buzzer if the timer reaches 17 minutes. The team with the lowest estimate of the time will be nominated. While completing the task, the other inmates will attempt to distract the contestants. The contestants should be very attentive to the time to avoid being nominated.

Asim was the captain, and as such was immune to nominations. In Day 70, Vikas Gupta and Himanshi J were nominated for eviction as punishments. They were later saved by the Majority. However, one contestant was punished for pushing another contestant. He was nominated for two weeks, but was still able to save her. That means that she will still be a part of the show.

This week, Salman Khan cancelled two tasks and redeemed two of them. The immunity task will now be suspended for the rest of the season. The inmates were asked to choose two people for eviction, and the majority chose Vishal and Paras. These two were evicted, but have now returned to the house. And it appears that they were the ones who deserved to stay. It’s a sad state for the inmates.

If you want to watch Bigg Boss season 13 online for free, you can find it here. The season 13 episode includes episodes from all of the past seasons. It is a great time to catch up on the show if you haven’t already done so. It’s possible to find a lot of clips online, and many other shows that are worth watching. You can even download them if you want to.

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